• Custom-built CMS and PCMS
    1. Customer-Facing Catalog, E-commerce & Order History
    2. Staff & Sales Management of Products, Presentation, & Order Management
    3. Production Management of Inventory, Jobs & Equipment Usage
  • Agile Development for Backlog of Feature Requests
  • Product & Project Management

Jakprints required a fully-comprehensive, multi-level system to manage customers, products, orders and production workflows. With a full array of printing services for paper (stationery, stickers, posters), large format (banners, table covers, wall graphics), and apparel (t-shirts, hats, jackets), the team at Jakprints needed a fully customizable and flexible software solution.

Working off of their backlog of feature requests, we established a priority of features and distributed them across multiple sprints. We balanced urgent bug fixes, minor feature requests and major site enhancements over several years of constant improvements. We established a style guide for consistency across the sites and their sections. We created custom APIs for quicker internal development and to allow outside vendors to tap into the power of the Jakprints system.


Agency: Sprokets